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Building Up and Transforming the Whole Woman For Life...
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Time is valuable and precious, to never be redeemed once lost. Every woman has something great locked inside an internal time capsule, waiting to be opened. 3 Dimensional Women flips the hour glass initiating the time for those things within to come forth. Women are phenomenal, multi-talented and capable of doing whatever they put their mind to. It’s time for women to gain returns from all that they invest as daughters, sisters, friend, wives, mothers, and working women never fully getting replenished after pouring out into the lives of many.

We encourage women to team and network with other women as we all need one another. Our model is one where women come to the various programs and events we offer to be encouraged, empowered and developed to go out and do the same for other women they encounter. Building up and transforming not just one aspect of a woman’s life but the whole women for lifetime change is our ultimate goal. This may be accomplished when women identify with who they are and what they posses.  

After viewing the details of this site, consider ways you may partner with us through services, goods or contributions. Contact us to let us know how you wish to support the efforts to reach out to give women a hand up in life instead of a hand out for a one time fix. 

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